Monday, May 7, 2012

|START| - Team CruatSacState

Welcome to our Santa Monica Journey. We are three students from a ministry at CSUS called Cru. Cru is "a community seeking to know and trust Christ and be empowered to love and impact others throughout Sac State, the Capitol and the world." This summer, we have the privilege of joining the Santa Monica Summer Project for eight weeks with 75 other college students from across the nation. Some of you may be wondering what summer project is and why we chose to apply to Santa Monica.

Well let us give you the scoop. To concise our reasoning and explanation into two words, we are going to Santa Monica to: serve God. Our desire is to love and impact others. So this summer, we are STARTing in Santa Monica. We don't know what the next stop is yet, but when we figure that out, we will be sure to create an appropriate blog =]. We all applied to this specific project for various reasons. But honestly, for most of us, we were not even sure if we were willing to drop all our plans this summer, QUIT our jobs, and seriously consider surrendering everything. However, what we can testify to is this: we believe our life, our dreams, our talents, our money is minuscule in comparison to the abundant, joyful, COMPLETE life found in Christ. 

Some of you are probably thinking we are crazy as to give up everything and may think that the existence Jesus is an even more ridiculous thought. We invite you ESPECIALLY to follow our journey =], because we cannot wait to tell you about how He will be working in our lives and the lives of others this summer. We are literally bursting with excitement. We are unashamed to let you know that our life, this project, is about sharing the love of Jesus to others.

Our journey officially STARTs June 15th. Some of you may have already received a letter from one of us regarding this project. We need all your prayers, support, & encouragement. We each must raise $3100 to be able to live in Santa Monica for two months [travel, housing, &food]. If you would like to support us financially you can do so online by the following links:

Sarah Nguyen:
Cody Schilling:
Mario Gonzales
*all donations are tax deductible if you did not know

We truly appreciate all our family and friend's support. We can not express enough gratitude for enabling us to fulfill God's calling and purpose for our lives. 

Because of His grace,
Sarah, Cody, & Mario

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  1. So excited for you guys. Summer Project changed my life and I can't wait for it to change yours!